Financial Planning

When you know your investments, taxes, insurance, estate plan, retirement plan, and all areas of your financial life are being monitored and adjusted as needed, you can relax and spend your time pursuing your goals. Learn more.

Investment Advice

Keeping up with the complexities of the investment world takes time. Ensuring that each investment fulfills its correct function and is appropriate for your unique situation takes objectivity. We offer both. Learn more.


The IRS estimates that more than 2 million people overpay their taxes each year, to the tune of over $1 billion. Minimizing your taxes can yield dollars you can use to achieve your goals and accelerate building wealth. Learn more.

Your Holistic Personal Financial Plan

These books are advisor and client tested and come highly recommended. When you are ready to order, just click on the title and you will be forwarded to or the sale site recommended by the author. Facing Financial Dysfunction: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money, 2nd Edition by Bert Whitehead, MBA, JD… Continue

The 7 Keys of Financial Independence